Our Mission

At Solarida we believe there is a better, less expensive, cleaner way for families to power their homes. With Solarida’s residential rooftop solar, storage and energy services, homeowners are saving money while significantly reducing the amount of air pollution and carbon dioxide (CO2) they release into the atmosphere. Americans want better energy options. Our mission is simple – power our lives with renewable and clean solar energy.

Our Vision

Every American should have the freedom to choose where and how they get their energy, to control their home’s energy costs, and be safe from grid disruption. Homeowners want access to affordable technology that enables energy generation, storage and management. We understand that this choice will ultimately help reduce the use of dirty fossil fuels.

Rooftop solar and energy storage is the future for the next generation of the energy grid. Unlike the energy grid of the last century, rooftop solar does not rely on transmitting and balancing energy over long distances. Rather, it generates and distributes locally. Investing in rooftop solar systems benefits the solar system owners by delivering lower energy bills and allowing them to avoid costly rate increases, and it benefits the community by providing a clean, renewable source of energy while reducing the amount of air pollution and carbon dioxide (CO2) released into the atmosphere.

We believe that, together, we can power our lives with renewable and clean solar energy.

When you decide to Go Solar with Solarida, it can be a bit hard to conceptualize the actual difference you make for the environment. Here are some interesting numbers; The solar energy generated by an average 6 kW Solarida Energy System over 20 years is estimated to offset about 118 metric tons of CO2.* That’s equivalent to:

Tons of coal not burned
Miles of driving avoided
Tree seedlings absorbing CO2 for 10 years

*Estimates derived by entering an average solar energy system size of 6 kW with 8,418 kWh first-year production degraded by .5% annually over 20 years into the EPA Equivalencies Calculator (April 2014). In some areas, the right to claim environmental impacts may be sold in the form of renewable energy credits. More information can be found here. (https://www.epa.gov/greenpower/renewable-energy-certificates-recs)

Our Guarantee

You’re completely covered with Solarida’s 20-year warranty. We work tirelessly to ensure your system is operating at peak performance, partner with the most trusted equipment manufacturers in the industry, and our installation crews have 20+ years of installation experience. Our bumper-to-bumper warranty includes free equipment replacement and system repairs including all parts and labor, and the guarantee that our roof penetrations are watertight.

From paperwork to monitoring to repairs, our world-class Solar Care Team takes care of everything for our customers. We use only the best panel manufacturers and installers, and create systems that require zero upkeep from you. That means you get an affordable system for little to no money up-front, lower utility bills for the next 20 years, and a cleaner environment, all without lifting a finger. Together, we can power our lives with renewable and clean solar energy.

What could you save with sunshine?

Whether you want more control over your electricity costs or an easy way to join our growing movement to power the world with clean, abundant sunshine, we make going solar a positive experience.